Top 5 African countries producing Palm Oil

Palm oil is now a key component of many products we use every day, including food, cosmetics, and even biofuels. The demand for this versatile and inexpensive vegetable oil has skyrocketed over the past few decades. Nonetheless, palm oil creation has likewise been connected to natural harm and denials of basic freedoms. In spite of these concerns, the production of palm oil continues to be a significant sector that contributes to economic growth and creates jobs in numerous nations, many of which are located in Africa.


Nigeria is the largest palm oil producer in Africa and the fifth largest in the world, producing 1.4 million metric tons annually. Due to its tropical climate, the nation is ideal for palm oil cultivation and has a long history of producing it.

Ivory Coast

According to the most recent estimates, this West African nation, which is also known as Ivory Coast, produced 600,000 metric tons of palm oil. The country’s main agricultural product is palm oil, and the government is investing in its expansion.


Another country in West Africa that has been producing palm oil for decades is Cameroon. With 465,000 metric tons produced, it is the 12th largest producer in the world.


Ghana’s palm oil industry is still moderately little, with a development of 300,000 metric tons. However, the government has prioritized it as a development priority, and investments are being made to expand the sector.

Kinshasa, Congo

According to the most recent estimates, this nation, which is also known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, produced 300,000 metric tons of palm oil. Political instability and a lack of infrastructure have posed difficulties for the sector.

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